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me with a stuffed stork. photo taken by daina. Sophie Rowley: Material Illusions - Thisispaper Magazine 'The Big Easy' by Craig McDean for NYT T Style September 2014 8 Rare African Crane Chicks Learning to Dance - ZooBorns Black and White Photography by Ivan Bideac » Design You Trust Steinrohner Obscure look book 'Supersize Me' Lily McMenamy by Blommers+Schumm for Dazed Autumn 2014 [Editorial] - Fashion Copious 'Collections II' Louise Parker by Charlie Engman for Dazed Autumn 2014 [Editorial] - Fashion Copious visual optimism; fashion editorials, shows, campaigns & more!: india song: anais pouliot by sonia sieff for madame air france june/july 2014 ‘Shape Shifters’ | Malgosia Bela By Josh Olins For WSJ Magazine | June 2013 | The Libertine Yutha Yamanaka Photography – Fubiz™ From the 2014 VICE Photo Issue: Third Skin | VICE United States